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Dell Small Business




IBT custom designed, high performance, top quality servers built to meet your business requirements.

IBT Custom Servers

  • Performance, quality, reliability and support
  • Designed to meet your specific business requirements
  • Rack Mount / Tower
  • Intel  PIII  / P4 /  Xeon 
  • Single / Duel / Quad  Processors
  • Standard / Mirrored / Raid Storage.
  • 1 to 3 Year On-site Warranty

For more information, or to contact one of our engineers about our custom servers please fill out the below form.

IBT's Servers are built by experienced engineers.

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Rack Mount / Tower. PIII  /P4 /  Xeon 
 Single / Duel / Quad  Processors Standard  Mirrored / Raid Storage. 

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