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IBT provides both strategic and tactical consulting in addition to engineering support services for its clients. In all cases IBT provides networking experts with diverse backgrounds permitting IBT to assist the client in identifying the network technology required to achieve corporate goals. IBT can strategically evaluate and identify the strengths and weaknesses of a client’s network and manage the process of a fundamental rethinking and redesign of a client's communication system to achieve performance improvements and bottom line results. IBT can also assist the client in identifying specific network improvements needed to meet tactical needs of the organization.  Through these consulting services IBT will work with the client and recommend a "best of breed" solution to address the specific needs and provide the implementation plan to achieve the desired results.

The areas IBT offers consulting services include:

  • Strategic Reviews and Development Planning
  • Enterprise Architectural Design
  • Network Management Design
  • Network Operations Center Design
  • Maintenance Support Services
  • Migration Planning
  • Network Infrastructure Validation
  • Traffic Analysis
  • Network Optimization
  • IP Address Auditing
  • Wan Security Audit
  • Technology and Vendor Assessments

IBT develops a business model that delivers the right resources and diversity of experience that provides an ongoing client partnership to ensure excellence in performance and client satisfaction.  This model is designed with a team approach by delivering IBT services to the client.  A dedicated project leader oversees the full life cycle of the project and customer relationship associated with the project.  This team is assembled to insure the client has the resources required to complete the tasks on schedule and within budget.  The team includes an account executive, a project leader, network specialist/engineers and administrative support—all with complementary skill sets to meet the requirements of the project and ongoing support of the client.   This group works within the clients’ environment enabling them to obtain and maintain a strong working relationship and knowledge of the requirements.  The account executive establishes the client relationship and remains involved with the client even beyond the project or task completion, becoming the central interface to the client.  The project leader manages the relationship from a technical and operational perspective and plays the role as the point of contact; whether IBT is performing consulting, engineering services, network integration or operational services.  The project leader manages the resources, schedules and expectations and delivers on the project.


In the networking services market, clients have many choices of companies. This is why IBT has integrated into its corporate culture high expectation to technical excellence and commitment to the client.  Through ongoing training our team of technical consultants, engineers, task leaders and account managers work hard at ensuring up-to-date expertise and a solid understanding of the vertical market requirements.

Our technical and account professionals have experiences that span diverse industries and internetworking technology platforms. IBT’s ongoing certification process continually expands our ability to meet the diverging enterprise environments with responsive solutions and the vision of what will be happening in the networking industry.  This vision ensures the solution or service will not only meet the tactical needs of our clients but also addresses the strategic demands of the enterprise acting as a tool to provide the market edge in your industry.  We at IBT add value at every stage of your infrastructure development and work at becoming a long-term partner in your success.  


IBT focused on the computer field since 1995, and performed many projects, large and small.   We stay on the cutting-edge of technology through continuous training and self-learning.   Our company is equally experienced in both enterprise and small/mid-sized business solutions.  IBT has an experienced pool of skilled network engineers and technicians that have been awarded industry certification in their fields.   We have certified relationships with the leading equipment vendors and maintain relations with a broad spectrum of special-services partners.


IBT represents a single point of contact for your technology needs, eliminating the need to manage and control multiple vendor relationships.  IBT will develop a custom solution specific to your unique requirements.


IBT also provides clients with the benefits of dedicated on-site expertise. Depending upon the requirements, IBT is able to deliver a broad range of networking experts and service professionals to the client for specific projects.   By using IBT professionals, clients are able to accomplish tasks or deliver new services to the market without the burden of hiring additional personnel therefore eliminating  training, overhead, and benefit costs. Some basic skill sets available are:

  • Project Managers   
  • Network Engineers
  • Systems Analysts
  • Network Technicians
  • Network Specialist (CCIEs)
  • Network Administrators
  • Technology Specialist
  • Database Specialist