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IBT is a company who can provide maintenance service with a personal touch for the technology side of your business.  At IBT we know that our customers are people who have a business to run.  We realize that they have special needs and deadlines to meet.  We can custom design a maintenance service to fit your special needs and help you meet your deadlines. 

  With our firm commitment to quick response time and high quality service, we are the perfect company for businesses who do not have time for downtime!  IBTís staff provides maintenance for a wide range of computers and peripheral equipment.  We guarantee a quick response time when your business has a technology problem.  We will support your users over the phone and try to solve the problem.  If that doesnít work a member of our technology team will promptly arrive at your site to assist you. 

  Our maintenance contracts can be written in several ways.  We currently offer four levels of service.

              Our Per Call Service is payable by the hour.  Our customers who have had a minimal amount of downtime and who are just starting their business often use this affordable service.

Our next level of service is our Basic On-Site Service.  This is a cost effective way for IBT to provide our customers with quality repairs at a reasonable price.  We sell this service in blocks of time ranging from 20 hours to 100 hours.

 Our Premium On-Site Service allows IBT to provide the resources and IT management and service on your site to provide the maximum in availability for your computing environment. 

Our highest level of service is our Premier Service.  This service is like having your own IT department at a fraction of the cost. With both of these services, which may also be pre- purchased in time blocks ranging from 20 hours to 100 hours).

 IBTís trained engineers will provide your business with the highest level of availability for your computer systems without the need for additional personnel.   The time we spend at your business for system management and service will be logged against your pre-purchased hours.  This allows our customers to have more complete service without the burden of many small invoices.  The frequency of these services can range from daily to weekly depending on your needs. 

 Proper monitoring and system management on our part will often allow problems to be detected and resolved with little or no downtime.  In most cases, repair and software upgrades can be scheduled at the convenience of our customers, which also minimizes downtime.

In addition, IBT will also custom design a service plan specifically to meet the unique needs of your business.  Remember your search for a top quality service and maintenance provider is over!  Call or e-mail IBT today, and let us help you with your service and maintenance needs.